VantagePoint Software for Stock Traders

Stock traders know that in order to be profitable consistently in today’s globally-interconnected markets they can’t get by with a narrow, single market focus.

Even the most seasoned traders who rely on fundamental analysis have watched their “well-researched” stocks make an unexpected, sharp move based, not on an earnings report or other internal company performance statistics, but because of a move in the broad market or even a move in a different asset class like crude oil or the US Dollar Index.

Technical stock traders often struggle as well with the timing of their trades. While they may be directionally correct, they enter positions too late or exit too early, causing them to miss out on the bulk of the trending move.

VantagePoint offers both fundamental and technical stock traders the necessary edge to be successful in today’s highly global markets. It provides incredibly accurate forecasts on hundreds of actively traded stocks.

VantagePoint forecasts for U.S. and Canada stocks:

US Stocks Canadian Stocks

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