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We forecast for over 2,300 stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex Pairs, and Cryptocurrencies.

Each one uses up to 90 input values to calculate daily predictive indicators. Each input uses up to 7 values to be calculated. That makes up to 630 data points per market or 1,450,000 for all supported markets daily.

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What You Need To Know About VantagePoint AI Artificial Intelligence Trading Software

VantagePoint helps traders preserve their hard-earned capital and create real wealth.

Created by world-renowned trading software pioneer Louis B. Mendelsohn, VantagePoint forecasts Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs with remarkable proven accuracy of up to 87.4%.

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Precise forecasts of
a trend’s direction 1 – 3 days in advance

Predictions of the next day’s high and low

Alerts on whether the market is expected to make a top or bottom over the next 48-hours

A suite of other predictive leading indicators and technical tools that identify optimal entries and exits

The confidence to take the right trades at the right time to maximize profits

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Learn how to forecast market trends 72 hours in advance with up to 87.4% accuracy (documented and verified).

Proven Accuracy

VantagePoint Trading Software, which predicts market trends with up to 87.4% accuracy, was first introduced in 1991. VantagePoint’s high-probability forecasts of market trend direction helps traders anticipate changes in price direction, rather than merely identifying trends after the fact, and gives them confidence to take trading signals.

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