Soft Futures

Softs is simply a label for a set of commodities, usually including:

Grain Futures

Grain trading has been around since the beginning of civilization.The grains futures contracts of today are cousins of ancient trading and are as important now as they were then. The most traded grain futures include:

Metal Futures

Metals trading takes many forms and some of the most popular metals are:

Energy Futures

The number of hedge funds with energy trading strategies doubles yearly according to Forbes magazine and is now an important part of many overall trading mixes. Energy futures include:

Meat Futures

Meats futures are financial instruments that are used to hedge price risk or to speculate on price fluctuations in livestock and meat markets. The meat futures include:

Interest Rate Futures

Interest Rate Futures are defined as a percentage of the value of the applicable debt. The value of interest rate futures contracts is tied to interest rates.

Currency Futures

Currency Futures is defined as transferable futures contracts that specify a price at of a specific currency that can be bought or sold at a future date. Common currency futures contracts traded include:


Forex Trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency, and selling of another currency.

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