How VantagePoint Works

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, VantagePoint gives traders advanced notice of trend changes, allowing them to enter and exit positions at the optimal time. That translates to more profitable opportunities, plain and simple.

Traders find an easy to use software in VantagePoint

Get Ahead of Market Movements

Technical Analysis is simply a reaction to past price action. By using traditional lagging indicators such as Moving Averages, there are often missed opportunities. VantagePoint’s Artificial Intelligence “brain” generates market predictions with up to 87.4% accuracy, up to three days in advance.


Navigate Today’s Globally Interconnected Markets

VantagePoint recognizes and calculates how markets around the world drive, impact, and influence the markets you are trading. This patented process utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Intermarket Analysis to quantify and generate predictive leading indicators.


Forecast Trends Days in Advanced

Most trading tools focus on past-price data that’s already occurred. VantagePoint applies an AI Neural Network to forecast market data, allowing you to get into trades days before other traders know what’s happening. Our predictive indicators give you a head start on trend changes.


VantagePoint holds two patents on technologies that combine Intermarket analysis with neural networks to create leading technical indicators that forecast global markets with uncanny accuracy.

Ready to drastically improve your trading success?

The best way to understand the power of VantagePoint’s Artificial Intelligence is to experience it in action.