ETFs offer a variety of benefits for the individual trader – diversification, tax efficiency, and a low expense ratio. This is a smart investment choice as it combines the best features of index mutual funds with the trading flexibility of individual securities.

However, in order to reap the full benefits of investing in ETFs, you need a trading tool that incorporates both intermarket analysis and trend forecasting to gain a strategic edge in this competitive, global market. That tool is VantagePoint.

VantagePoint for ETFs provides incredibly accurate short-term market forecasts for over 160 ETFs including U.S. ETFs, International ETFs, Canadian ETFs, Short & Ultrashort ETFs, Currency ETFs, Commodity ETFs and more.

Predictive Software for ETF Traders

With its cutting-edge, patented technologies, VantagePoint mines global market data based on intermarket analysis and applies the pattern recognition capabilities of neural networks to produce proprietary, leading technical indicators that look ahead, not backward for the ETFs you trade.

Whether it’s for QQQ or SPY, VantagePoint transforms traditional moving averages into predictive, market leading indicators. By using a combination of past price data and its predictive technologies, VantagePoint’s indicators give you advanced notice 1-3 days ahead of an ETF’s trend change.

Below are the offered ETFs in their associated sectors:

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