Do you ever wake up, turn on the news, find out the market is suffering and think to yourself “great, how am I supposed to make money today?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many traders get caught up in the big picture and it causes them to miss the hidden gems found in individual trading opportunities. We’ll show you how VantagePoint helps traders make money when the stock market goes down.

While most traders are stuck in the present moment, worrying about what the market is doing, VantagePoint users rely on the predictive technology that forecasts what the market is going to do. Therefore, they know that what matters most has yet to happen. They have information in their hands about what is going to happen in the market in the next one to three days. This advanced notice gives them imminent information so they can set effective entry and exit points. In the video below you will see 6 recent examples where this technology could have paid off big time.

In addition to having incredibly accurate forecasts at their fingertips, VantagePoint users benefit from the Intelliscan feature which quickly scans through thousands of markets to identify only those that meet their current needs. In the screenshot below you will see that we took the stocks from the video above and plugged them into Intelliscan where we can quickly identify the last crossover date, the direction of the trend and receive confirmation from the Predicted Neural Index. Here, we can see the recent crossovers in both Netflix and Eli Lilly that were identified as trend reversals the night before they shifted gear using VantagePoint’s end of day updates.

Intelliscan in VantagePoint

While the software itself may be using advanced Intermarket Analysis coupled with Neural Network technology, it really doesn’t take rocket science to realize that these powerful forecasts produce more profits for the individual trader. If you’re ready to make more money, regardless of the market’s overall performance, then it’s time to act.

VantagePoint Software Demo