Whether you’re a bullish or bearish trader there’s really only one thing that every trader wants and needs to know in order to be profitable.

When will the stock market turn?

The key to understanding when the stock market will turn is having an effective, consistent method for identifying the onset of a trend reversal. A simple moving average will analyze past data but will lag the market, making it very difficult to get ahead.

VantagePoint transforms traditional moving averages into predictive, market leading indicators. By using a combination of past price data and predictive technology, our indicators give advanced notice 1-3 days ahead of a trend change. This gives traders a highly accurate forecast of when the stock market will turn, allowing them to get into position sooner and capitalize on trend changes that would have been missed.

In the video below we show you two examples of recent market moves where the predictive moving average in VantagePoint indicated that the market was going to turn. Following these indicators put traders in positions, both bearish and bullish, to make substantial profits in a short period of time. (Hint: this also includes the monster move we saw in $GOOGL on Monday.)

The technology found in VantagePoint has been tested and proven for three decades and has transformed the lives of literally thousands of traders. If you want to get ahead in the markets you need the right tools to help you accurately predict major game changing moves like these.

VantagePoint Software Demo