Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, but there is a good reason. AI is no longer a staple of science fiction. In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is anything but artificial. It is a tangible and functioning reality that is creating benefits for society in many areas. Although the media is stacked with the angle that AI is taking over the world and robots will take all of our jobs, this apocalyptic future is far from reality. The truth is that Artificial Intelligence is enhancing and improving our lives and the way we trade.

Artificial Intelligence in the trading world

The markets of today are not the markets of the past. The internet is transmitting information across the globe at light speed. Data from 25 markets influences one market and data from one market influences 25 markets all at once. Brokers are utilizing algorithms to trade. This means individual traders have to be smart and find the right AI tools to use.

AI in trading software can analyze data from multiple interrelated markets much faster and much more thoroughly than any human can. In fact, it can find trades that a human could never find, simply because it can crunch data faster, discern patterns that no human can see, and it can then filter that data with a multitude of specific criteria.

Algorithms utilizing Artificial Intelligence can find patterns that define short-term trends in any market context, and it can tell traders which way the trend will go in advance. Predefined filters can sift through thousands of global markets to find the perfect trade at the perfect time.

The power of VantagePoint using Artificial Intelligence

AI can find short or long trades, and trades in all sectors (energy, grains, currencies, etc.) as well as stocks, ETFs, forex, and futures. In fact, the reality is that the world of trading opens up like it never has before when AI is at work.

Trusted by over 15,000 traders with millions of dollars of research and development behind it, VantagePoint has been leading the way in Artificial Intelligence trading software. VantagePoint uses a patented neural network process to predict changes in market trend direction 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy. Simply put, VantagePoint gives traders an unprecedented opportunity to get on the right side of trends at the right time.

Let’s look at The Nvidia Corporation ($NVDA).


Using the patented indicators and Artificial Intelligence capabilities within VantagePoint, the software predicted a bullish trend on April 20th. In 27 trading days, the stock is up almost 43% or $43.49 per share.

Traders using VantagePoint were able to get in at the very beginning of this trend to maximize their profits.

100 shares x $43.49 per share = $4,349 in profit!

The future of Artificial Intelligence

AI is bringing forth the possibility for traders to remain competitive by utilizing technology to gain an edge. Gaining an edge is nothing new for traders. This has always been the aspiration. But with AI, gaining that edge is more important in a trading environment that is reacting to data moving at the speed-of-light and influencing interrelated markets on a global scale.

Don’t avoid AI because of the doom and gloom crowd. Check out the reality. Bring your trading up to date. Become competitive. Artificial Intelligence is now an integral part of the trading world. Don’t get left behind.

Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence to improve your trading strategy?

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